Gender Female
Region N/A (Abrahamic)
Active Night
Diet Sexual lifeforce, blood

Lilith is a succubus, engaging in erotic activities with sleeping men, and has sometimes been considered a vampire. As well as the normal succubi habits, she has a penchant for killing babies out of vengeance for God taking hers (see below). She has been called "Mother of Monsters" and has been suggested to have been responsible for all currently living monsters.


She was originally the first wife of Adam, but refused to "lay beneath him" because she felt them to be equal as they were created from the same earth. She flew away from Eden and enthusiastically launched into sexual activities with the demon Asmodeus, producing hundreds of demon children per night, called lilin.

God sent out three angels, Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangeloff, to tell Lilith to return. She refused, and so God punished her by killing one hundred of her children every day. Enraged, she and her children take their vengeance out against the children of Adam and Eve.