Kitsune halfway between fox and human form.

Japanese word for fox. It's also a fox that can transform into a human, often a young woman. The kitsune grows more tails as it gets more powerful and older. When it has nine, its fur turns gold or silver. Also the Kitsune is told to have many abilities within its folk lore.

-Abilities A Kitsune's ability range from if it is good or it is bad. Kitsunes can cause illusions, control fire and lightning by using kitsunebi (fox fire in Japanese). A Kitsune does fox fire by rubbing its tails together. HELLLO

- The good, the bad, and the Kitsune The Kitsune is known as the trickster spirit as in wolverine orgins the movie wolverine's girlfriend mentions this Japanese folk lore. But there are 13 types of Kitsune, including the void Kitsune. This is the bad Kitsune they do not know that people see in black and white, because kitsunes see all the shades of grey. The Kitsune will pull pranks but if it is the void Kitsune then i wouldn't want to be around for its pranks.

Meeting a Kitsune is rare, they are all over the world but are hidden unless they want to be found. Most people might know a Kitsune but the host just doesnt know they have a Kitsune spirit.

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