Fenrir(or Fenris) was one of Loki's many children and had the appearance of a large wolf. Fenrir grew lager each day and was finely bound to the floor of his cave,as he grew Fenrir chains started braking the broke free.The gods played a melody to put him to sleep while they bound him with a chain made strong enough to hold him down.It was made of a womens beard,a mountains roots,the breath of a fish and the sound of a cats foot fall.He the began to howl with no stop,Tyr stuck a sword in his mouth as a gag to make him stop.enrir grew so big that only Tyr had enough bravery to feed him,one day in doing so Fenrir bit of his hand.It is said that when Ragnarök comes Fenrir will brake free of his bonds and swallow Odin whole.

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